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The Bible The 23rd Psalm reminds people who are grieving that God is always with them and providing comfort to them, even when it is difficult to feel that connection.

Everyone has heard this classic psalm read at funerals because it offers a message of comfort and strength to people of faith.

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Henry Van Dyke More a sermon than a poem, "Gone from My Sight" provides a touching analogy comparing the departed to a ship that has sailed over the horizon.

It isn't really gone, and neither is the person who has passed. Auden The perfect poem for expressing the anguish of the loss of a loved one, "Funeral Blues" says exactly what most people are feeling as they deal with the loss of a spouse or other dear person. Sarah Mc Lachlan The song "I Will Remember You" is popular for playing or reading as a poem at funerals, especially those of young people.

Thankfully, you can turn to the best poems for funerals to help you say just what you need without having to write your own poem or eulogy while you are grieving.

Traditional Jewish prayer The El Malei Rachamim is the traditional prayer for the soul of the departed in the Jewish tradition, but its request for God to take in the soul of the person who has died and give him or her comfort is appropriate for a person of any faith. It's a touching song about struggling with emotions, regrets and the memories left behind when people die.

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The best poems for funerals make us all think about life, love, loss and our connections to each other.

Choosing the right readings for a funeral or memorial service can be difficult.