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Bob Gale claimed that Crispin demanded the same salary as Michael J. When they were filming the end sequence Crispin mentioned that he felt the characters were being rewarded with monetary elements at the end of the screenplay, which led to a moral for the film that money equals happiness. Afterward, the producers offered Crispin less than half the salary of what Tom Wilson and Lea Thomson were making for the sequels.

This did not seem fair to Crispin or his agents, so no agreement was reached for Crispin to appear in the sequels.

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After separating with Marina, Glover was encountered with Courtney Peldon (2005 - 2006).Some years later, the girl committed suicide which disturbed Glover.According to the Rolling Stone magazine in 2003- He has had his heart messed with in the past and in the present has said, grimly, that it will never happen again.In the entertainment world, every person is bound to drive attention.During this process, some of them use their love life as a publicity stunt, while some of them work hard to establish themselves in the industry without blending their personal life with their profession.