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Fox News has already come out and stated that all of the allegations made by Juliet Huddy are false.It's interesting that the news is coming out now, months after it initially happened.Her lawyers sent a letter to Fox News in August of 2016, explaining what Juliet Huddy alleges happened.She settled with the network on September 5, per reports, at the same time Gretchen Carlson and other suits related to Roger Ailes were also being settled. WIEHL: [laughing] But there must -- O'REILLY: Come on.

It seems the network's Juliet Huddy may have dealt with sexual harassment issues with Bill O'Reilly back in 2011, when she alleges he used to call her and spoke with her while it seemed like he was also masturbating.

Think of this, this is twice in one week, a man my age twice in one week on with Juliet. Do you see, look, I've got one of my new suits on here, and I've got one of my favorite ties. I don't have my black turtleneck on today or any of the things I had planned to wear next time I was going to be on this show. And I'm looking at this thing and I'm saying, Mike, not only do we have Juliet there, we've got Megyn Kendall, and you and I have got to deal with that. JERRICK: Brit, it is a visual nightmare, I agree with you.

She has balanced out working with you and I with dating even younger men. It's hard enough to have to be contrasted with Juliet. HUDDY: All right, let's get -- HUME: Oh, wait a minute, I'm not saying -- JERRICK: The audience loves the boots. HUME: I'm not answering -- I'm not answering another question -- HUDDY: Thank you very much, Brit, for steering the conversation.

She says he once invited her back to his hotel room after asking her on a dinner date to the Harvard Club, according to a report from the New York Times.

The outlet says that Huddy kept quiet about what happened for some time.