Red flags when dating men

“A sudden interest in experimenting with new positions or techniques in bed, or interest in things that she wouldn’t consider before,” Brateman says, can be a sign that she’s having sex with other partners and bringing it back into your bedroom.”When you calmly tell your partner that something feels different, and she responds in an aggressive way, it may be because she is deflecting or hiding something,” Brateman says.

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“And sharing personal details of her life with this other person who truly listens and encourages her only deepens their emotional connection.” Brateman says when a spouse used to tell you about a co-worker or friend and then stops talking about them entirely, chances are something may be up.Anyone who's ever told a lie understands the risk of getting caught when people start pressing you for more details.With each added layer of falsehood, you’re that much closer to exposing yourself as a liar. "What you're not talking about can be very telling," Brateman says.“In a loving relationship, your partner wants to know how you're feeling.This is part of the process of resolving what feels different or uncomfortable.” Brateman stresses that if there isn’t trust in the relationship, it won’t be able to survive or grow so the onus is also on you.