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And for added spice he takes it for its first MOT on a trailer towed by a Vincent sidecar outfit!

All this plus Section reports, shows and events plus bikes and parts for sale.

There are 400 deities herein, & 4,000 photos of statuary from Kamakura, Nara, Kyoto, & elsewhere in Japan.

Use the search box to search in English, Japanese, Chinese, or Korean for deities not listed at left.

Any mistakes or omissions at this site are my responsibility. In July 2006, I launched the online store Buddhist-Artwork.

It sells quality hand-carved wood Buddhist statues from Japan & China.

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Sections There are VJMC Sections all over the UK and Internationally. Book Reviews Books we've read and enjoyed Histories The rise of Japanese motorcycles. From tiddlers to the superbikes from the last few decades. If the VJMC is unfairly seen as restorers-only club then Eddie Wallbank debunks that particular myth rather well with his Honda CB350/4.

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Club Information Find our more about what the club offers. If racing's your thing then you'll love our 'From the Archive' feature which looks at the history of the Honda CR750 and features innumerable modern replicas.

Rounding off the special K trilogy is a reminiscence by Graham Brown lamenting his 'White Swan' S1.