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Bernard Hinault A quel musicien, ancien chanteur du groupe Taxi Girl, doit-on l'album "Crève coeur" en 2004 ?

Daniel Darc Combien d'angles droits y a-t-il dans un triangle équilatéral ?

L'abbé Prévost Quel chanteur de pop anglaise interprète le tube : "Relax, Take It Easy" ?

Mika Quel est le nom de l'instrument, qui permet au médecin, d'ausculter un patient ? Beurre, oeuf, fromage Entre 3 et 10 mois, comment s'appelle le petit de la poule ?

He could be a genuinely friendly, sociable, caring person, always looking out for his friends and family and trying to do the right thing.

They'll put off the moment of murder like another man will put off a good cigar. A good man will kill you with hardly a word." The character isn't necessarily an Anti-Hero, Vigilante Man or may not even be portrayed as Good Is Not Nice.

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Maybe The Hero knows that the criminal will break out of the Cardboard Prison.They are the reason why the villain should Beware the Nice Ones, especially since they aren't gonna wait to be angered or snap before the inevitable beatdown/killing begins.The Good Is Not Soft character kill them before they can hit that Berserk Button.This trope has the potential to slide into or be interpreted as Pay Evil unto Evil, if the hero's method of ending the villain's threat is excessively cruel.Different viewers will have different ideas about what qualifies as being excessively cruel to a villain.